The Hungarian Promotion Export Agency of Greece (ALX Greece) as Honored Sponsor invites you to the INFOCOM WORLD 2019 Forum that is going to be held on Tuesday, 26 November 2019, at the Hotel Divani Caravel (Vasileos Alexandrou 2, free entrance).  At the Infocom Forum Hungary will present innovative Technological applications, through Hungarian speakers from successful organizations and through 10 Hungarian participant companies that will embrace the Hungarian pavilion.

Hungarian participation includes innovative ICT companies as well as commercial relations development organizations:

Internet-based Telecommunication Services

 COMNICA  company presents two new interesting solutions:

Comnica’s Cloud-based virtual Call and Contact Center offers a solution for direct communication with customers network (switchboard, e-mail, chat, messaging). (Read more)

Internet-based Telecommunication Services (Voice and Messaging Solutions)( Read More )

Telecommunications Network Synchronization

POLYNET  is a leading provider of Network Synchronization Solutions and is also a manufacturer of equipment (PRC timing sources, SSU signal regenerators, NTP servers, PTP Grandmaster and Measuring Equipment). It has several years of experience in the design and measurement of transmission networks and quality of network synchronization, manufactures the equipment while providing all the professional services associated with it. ( Read More)

Smart City Parking Solution

MAKESENSE Smart City technology company develops and manufactures integrated solutions for Smart Parking: The Geometric Parking Sensor Solution offers a solution for the immediate availability of Parking in the city. Cloud based, with its own interface while collecting and transferring data. Most suitable for use on public roads, garage, E-parking, e-car Charging station, Parking for trucks. (Read more )

Speech recognition

BELUX   speech recognition technology company presents: The Global Speech Platform that records all information of human speech, edits the text automatically, formats it and then gives it the form of medical reports or findings, available in 15 languages (Read More )

Marketing Automation Software

PROWORX develops Marketing Automation Software solutions:

Digital Shoprime platform which is an innovative retail POS sales engine that operates based on automated booking and custom pricing model. (Read more)

Starpage, a cloud-based platform that is re-created to manage promotional campaigns Marketing that will be linked to existing corporate portals or act as an independent promotional portal. It is available for Promotion, Quiz Games, Survey and Image Gallery. (Read More)

Business Simulation Platforms

EDUARDO offers innovative digital Business Simulation Platforms for autonomous education. Educational simulation platforms provide training for economics, Startup Development, Business Planning, Eco-Management, On-line Marketing, Production Management, Operational Management, HR Management, Change Management, and People Management and Leadership.  They reinforce strategic management, entrepreneurship and business acumen by providing gradual education and practice. (Read More)

Energy Management

KONSYS with an active presence in 50 countries, develops Information Management and Energy Management Software, designed for energy management systems (AVG Reporter).

Structural Analysis & Design Software

CONSTEEL provides professional Software products for the design of steel structures and composite structures (Structural Analysis Software) as well as applications for structural connection design (Joint Connection Design Software) and design visualization (Advanced portal frame design software).

Hungarian Export Agency

HEPA: The development of economic relations between Greece and Hungary is the main object of our activities. We provide comprehensive consultancy services, as representatives of the official promoter of innovative Hungarian enterprises.

BUSINESS GROVE: Digital platform for the development of bilateral trade partnerships between technology companies, with the aim to provide multifaceted support to organizations and enterprises characterized by extroversion and innovative spirit, that seek development in international markets through targeted collaborations.

All representatives of the Hungarian companies will be at the Hungarian pavilion and will participate in B2B meetings with Greek companies, aiming to exchange ideas and to develop bilateral trade relations and collaborations.

To register your interest for a B2B meeting with a specific company, just contact us (mail: or Tel: +30 210 7220150).